Phil Entzminger Loves Traveling the World and Eating Vegan

May 15, 2019
These days, Phil Entzminger is a practicing vegan, as he has been since 2017. He claims to be obsessed with foods that avoid the use of animal products, although he admits to not being as strictly vegan as he should be, eating some dairy occasionally, especially given his love of cheese. Phil Entzminger is vegan because he believes it to be a key to a healthy lifestyle. He swears his vegan diet has allowed him to think more clearly, have more energy and to feel stronger than ever before.

Over the past few years, Phil Entzminger has been an avid world traveler, with his favorite destinations being Tokyo, where he found the people to be extremely organized and friendly and because the food and culture was amazing. He has also traveled to Finland, Italy, and some parts of South Africa. For Phil's trip to Finland, he spent most of his time as a freelance blog writer, working in the heart of Helsinki, a city that impressed him due to its healthy mix of city and rural life, as well as the memory of eating the best turnips anywhere there.

Freelance Writer in Finland - Phil Entzminger

November 15, 2018
Phil Entzminger is a lover of travel and while he has traveled all over the world, he made a home for himself in Finland. While he was there, he became a freelance writer for an online blog. He stayed in the heart of Helsinki which allowed him to enjoy the mix of both the city and the agrarian life. As a foodie, Phil Entzminger was able to explore their unique diets such as turnips which are not very common in American cuisine are quite common in Finland. Phil Entzminger thoroughly enjoyed his time in Finland and his time writing while he was there.